Flight Crew Resourcing

  • Captains
  • First Officers
  • Ferry Pilots / Crews
  • Observer Pilots
  • Line Training Captains
  • Simulator Flight Instructors (SFIs)
  • Type Rating Instructors (TRIs)
  • Type Rating Examiners (TREs)

CAE Parc Aviation is the leading international provider of flight crew personnel to airlines and aviation operators worldwide.

We provide comprehensive services for the sourcing and contracting of pilots to aircraft operators during phases such as:

  • Expansion of existing airline fleet
  • Entry-into-service of new aircraft types
  • Periods of higher demand i.e. seasonal, major events
  • Conversion training programmes

CAE Parc Aviation provides qualified and experienced captains and first officers on a range of aircraft types. In addition, the team at CAE Parc Aviation can assist in the recruitment of ferry crew pilots and Instructors including TREs, TRIs and SFIs.

In the ever changing aviation industry, airlines recognise the need to remain flexible to cope with peaks and changes in demand. Parc's pilot resourcing services enable aviation organisations to respond to market opportunities quickly, deal with unscheduled demands, fully manage crew costs and access highly qualified and experienced pilots, often at short-notice.

CAE Parc Aviation has been trusted for over 30 years to help our customers maintain flexibility and react to change, through outsourced pilots and contracting services they can trust. Our Flight Crew division's customers include the world's major, regional and low-cost airlines as well as aircraft leasing companies and manufacturers.